Eagles Eleven Productions Charity Event

Eagles Eleven Productions

Master John Byrne and his club have successfully raised £1500.00 for This fantastic Production Company and for the Charities they support.

Cancer, Alzeheimer’s Dementia and Fibromyalgia

As many of you know I am also an actor and have a part in a feature film called VvsV (Vampires vs Vikings) This film is being produced and filmed in South Wales and all the proceeds will be going to help with the nominated Charities, Cancer, Alzeheimer’s Dementia and Fibromyalgia. Over the past year I have given all my time for free and also paid all my own expenses to get to Wales. The money that is being raised will be helping people with these conditions personally to aid them to live through their struggles.
Eagles Eleven are also bringing people together through production and media and giving opportunities to all who may not otherwise have had the chance.



Presentation To Katie CEO of Eagles Eleven Productions

During the Month of October 2019 I held my latest charity event. As always I taught all my lessons for donations only and the juniors were set a sponsored 100 Kata challenge, they were all given sponsor forms for the month and monies collected at the end of the month and challenge.

A very well done to all my Junior students and a few adults students and instructors along with a parent who bravely took part in the clubs 100 Kata Challenge. We had new white belt juniors and other students doing Kata they have never done or seen before. My adult students have never done a kata before and the Dad who has never done Martial Arts before., all taking part in this fun 5 hour challenge.

Everyone had a great time with some getting lost while copying each student above thier grades. Parents and adult students doing thier best to keep up. It was a fun day and at the end of it we had completed the 100 Kata challenge exhausted.

Katie Clatworthy the Founder and CEO of Eagles Eleven Productions was shocked and thrilled at the amount that everyone managed to collect. The whole Board of Eagles Eleven was equally amazed and everyone at Eagles Eleven thank you all so very much from the bottom of thier hearts.

As for me (Master John Byrne) I am proud of every single one of you for all your hard work and generosity. Thank you.





Congratulations To Everyone at Master John Byrne's Martial Arts for All