"Walk the Wight" (For the Earl Mountbatten Hospice)

Walk the Wight

The Chushin-Do Federation 3rd Dan Instructor Huw Thomas and Trudie Gulliver along with her son Jake braved the hills, country side and a few miles to raise money for the Earl MountBatten Hospice on the Island


Well done to them all for doing the walk and raising a fantastic £500 for the Hospice

Huw's write up from the days walking

The day started well, warm and sunny in Ventnor so I only took light clothes with me, but the weather in Shanklin and beyond was fresh and windy. I picked up my two companions on the way to Bembridge, trudie and her son Jake who is a student of our club. We parked up at around 7:45am and were then signed in for the walk from Bembridge across to Carrisbrook Castle.
We started the walk up the hill to Culver Down, where the wind was blowing a hooley, Trudies phone kept ringing (probable people reminding her to get up) It was very windy at the top of Culver, but the clear day ensured us of some memerable views. When we got to Brading Marsh Jake twisted his ankle, that made two of us slow up a bit. Then as we passed through Brading we stopped for something to eat (eggs and crisps) as if it wasn't windy enough. I was thinking of Pete from the club at that time Mr windy himself!!
A group of Royal Marines passed us carrying a stretcher with weights on.. Good luck to them with that I say.
We then got to Merston where we had to sign in. It was there that I witnessed Spiderman taking a leak in the shrubs or was he spinning a web!! It has put me off super heroes altogether though.. We then stopped for a snack or as Jake put it.. His sugar rush. Then as we came out through Knighton it seemed that nobody knew which way to go, so sombody led us off and we passed through tomato green houses and there was lots of sand around (really!! in the Middle of the Island) then it started to get windy again and gave us a sand storm.. I had forgotten my sunglasses (Trudie had hers on)
As we walked on along the old train tracks we decided it was time to stop when we got to the Arreton Barns for refreshments of sandwiches and a pit stop.
The next part of the journey was up to the Newport gold course so off we went passed the gold course for a few miles more where we stoped for a breather by the cricket club where Trudie attracted the attention of a funny looking beetle (classic) Time to move on. So we crossed over the road and went up behind the cricket club along to Nunnery Lane. It was at this point that Jake started to slow down until trudie promied him a burger when we got to the finish line at the Castle. A few more miles and the castle was in sight. we had finally made it. we received our Walk the Wight medals then off to get Jake his burger.. Only to find out they had run out..
Master John arrived not long after to give us a lift back. First drop off was Trudie and Jake for there well deserved rest and then drive me back to Bembridge to get my car (didn't fancy walking back) When we got back to Bembridge the gate was shut and padlocked, I thought I still had to walk home.. All was ok when I climbed over the gate to see another road out of the carpark. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, the company and the onset of my throbing right foot. I will certainly do it again next year as part of the club.
Anyway.. Thats it so a big thank you to Master John and Lorraine for all they do inside and outside of the club and to all the people that sponcered us in and out of the club. Thank you to trudie and Jake and well done guys, yo made my day..
Cheers Huw x